Demo Days

We are doing the demolition ourselves to help cut some cost from the overall budget.  Plus, let’s just say it makes Matt “feel like a man” when he gets to bust through the walls and make quick visual progress opening up the space.

Here is a little teaser that I posted on Instagram to celebrate the 4th of July since Matt worked on the house that morning:

First, I put large “x’s” on anything I wanted removed, and green tape on things I DON’T want ruined saying “keep.” This isn’t just for Matt, but also other trades when they are there so important things don’t get trashed.

We even took off this old Margaritaville switchplate as a memento to keep from the old version of the house.  Not sure where we will relocate it yet, but it will return somewhere since we think it’s so hilarious someone actually bought this!


Now for more demolition pictures:


This is the picture that makes me really happy.  I can finally see the whole kitchen without that wall there.  Below it is a rendering of what I’ve been imagining for how it will look when finished.


kitchen vie 2

This is what you do when you’re done for the day:


Empty House

What does a teenager do when they have an empty house with no parents in town?  Throw a party of course!  What do we do when we have an empty house just sitting there waiting to be remodeled? Have pizza parties with multiple sets of friends, and let the kids color all over the walls of course!

Now, hopefully, the kids understood the idea of us repeating “don’t do this at your home!”

He gone.

The huge tree in the backyard that provided more shade than I even realized was not in a good location, and would be very difficult to remove later once the back addition is there.  It was right in the center of the yard where the kids will be able to play.  We thought the chances of it surviving after roots being cut up for foundation was slim anyway, so buh bye big tree.


Don’t worry, we will plant prettier ones in the future.  Our top fave decorative trees are: Sweet Bay Magnolias, Bracken’s Magnolia, Dogwoods, Ginkgo, Weeping Cherry, and Japanese Maples.

Hopefully, some more sun in the back will help our future luscious lawn grow since the front is way too shady to grow grass very well.